Money – Aries, Surprise – Raku, and Virgo – good. Horoscope for November 23

November 23 is committed to being a busy day. Some have some new meetings, projects and suggestions, and others give people life. Do not self-esteem, make conflicts and you'll succeed! What's waiting for all the signs of the story strip today – in a & # 39; moved from RIA "Sakhalin-Kuriles"


Today, the stars suggest Aries to go on to professional issues. Better take a day off and take care of your health. Run a fast day, take a walk in the new air. Expected profit. Do not waste it on trivialities, split for a clean day


Focus on work. There may be good offers. Do not miss your chance. Give your free time to creativity – make a postcard with your own hands for your magic or your swords for your love. There is chance of injury or illness. Care to prevent.


Look at your own words today and can hurt your injuries. Be poorer and poorer. At work – ban. But your work will not be delivered. It is possible for the handbook to write well for you. Look at your purse and your pockets. There is an opportunity to suffer from fraud.


There is a pleasant surprise waiting for you. It is likely that colleagues will bring it to you. The day is favorable in all areas – at work and at home. The only warning to the stars – buying expensive things today. Over time, their purchases are regrettable.


You spend day in love and harmony. A bright place will replace the gray place in relation to a beloved man, finally. But look at your health. It may be a problem or a cold. In the evenings, you are a group of friends of your favorite friends to visit the museum or a meeting with parents.


Do today test you for strength. At work, small problems are difficult, in personal life – disagreement. But thanks to the analytical mind and usually to count everything, you'll be able to. deal with any problem. If your relatives want help, do not stingy. Welcome to you in double size.


The day is committed to being intense. In the morning – business meetings, exciting new ideas and engaging meetings. At night – dinner with parents and meet friends. To do everything, plan your day clearly. As a reward you will receive a financial profit from an unforeseen source.


Today you are the most elegant sign of the pistol. Make flowers for your mom, a new dress for yourself, and for your loved one-loved one. Stop it, indeed, well. But the stars suggest that they do not review this work in the next weeks. Shortly there will be a situation that requires large financial investments. You do not just have to be alone, no help outside.


Growing financial growth. Things work uphill. It's time to recreate. Have you ever thought of going to the sport, chess club, love in the & # 39; your head? Then going on. Today all the doors are open to you.


In the morning you will find unpleasant news. In professional activities, everything is stable, but in family life – rough. Try not to stress someone's soul and his / her. explain your situation without shouting. If possible, take relaxation at a distance.


Today, your natural daughter will help you to solve business issues. Meet you, there is an opportunity for new profit projects. But do not forget about the old issues that have been a solution to a long time ago. Stars will recommend to inspect the home – obtain unnecessary rubbish disposal and workplace cleaning on the desk.


Today's incentives are capable of part of Dev and Taurus. Do not believe every word. It's time to get tired that you've saved so earnestly for the last few months. Take a vacation to hot countries or just sleep.

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