Nastya Ivleeva has amazed users with video "drunk" and striptease in a short video t

Nastya Ivleeva has been amazed by users with videos affected by alcohol and striptease in shorts.  T

Photo: Instagram

During the film, Instagram's star asks some Vasya to return.

A celebrity videobloger, an accompaniment to Nastya Ivleeva, "Eagle and All Heads", was surprised and surprised by the new supporters of the Instagram. The girl revealed a film scene of the message to the old man.

“When a bit of an acid broke, I took a piece of wine and recorded a video clip for the previous one,” which was signed by the video blogger.

In the video, Ivleeva asks some of Vasya to return to her, singing her sad songs, opening with her teeth a bottle of beer, dancing striped and asking for forgiveness. And after all, "put" the previous one.

Not all users measured their Ivleevoy video. “Well, I don't know I know how I am ….. it seems the subject is near girls and Nastya knows of comedy…. But it's not fun!” T 'Maybe life, but there's nothing funny', 'Well, the stuff has got worse,' the fans just write.


Nastya Ivleev was allowed into the Ukraine

In November, rapper's commander Eagle and Tails was banned from entering the country.

Nastya Ivleev was allowed to go to Ukraine. On 5 February, the Eagle and Tinks visitors traveled to Kiev on the Minsk route from Kiev, but territory culminated in a famous blogger traveling to Crimea from Russia in 2017.

– During the border control, Border Service personnel claimed the passenger in the Crimea was in 2017. According to her part, she went to the headland to rest and received from the borders of the Russian Federation. with air transport, the Ukraine State Boundary Service website says.

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