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One of the mysteries of Leonardo da Vinci appeared

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Researchers from the Uffizi Gallery, a museum in Florence (Italy), proved that Leonardo da Vinci was an ambidexter, that is, the hands were left and right equal. This is reported in the press release on Phys.org.

Scientists examined the image of “Landscape of Arno”, which is regarded as one of the earliest works of the artist and is dated 1473, when da Vinci turned 21 years. It shows the river valley Arno flowing through Florence, with Montelupo Castle. The specialists noticed two small writings, one of which was written on the back of the photograph, and the other was represented and presented on the landscape.

Researchers have found that the artist's left hand is canvas, and behind – with the right. We know that Leonardo da Vinci was born on the left and used a letter of mirror, that is, his text should be read from right to left. This practice often happens in children on the left. But scientists believe the artist at an early age learned to use both hands.

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