Political analysis, Tsybulko, on air "Ukrainian shape" said to the popular candidate from "Batkivshchyna" video clip

Post 27 of February, 2019

Vladimir Tsybulko in the NEWSONE channel studio. Screenshot

Scottish Vice President from "Batkivshchyna", a co-worker from "Nestor Shufrych" Highly Challenges and political scientist Vladimir Tsybulko on the "Ukrainian format" program NEWSONE television channel.

Krulko, after a Constitutional Court decision, "said Poroshenko, said," all cases will be against the closure of pollution officers. The Tsybulko opposed, saying that the judges did not elect the president to vote for this decision.

"All cases were against the closure of pollution officers, who had run out, killed this article (about unlawful wealth – ready). It was killed out of & # 39; Criminal Code, and this potato chicken market is Colorado all, because it works out the number! "

Tsybulko told him not to learn the "mongrel changes" on people to stay.

Nestor Shufrich set up your colleague, giving warning that "could respond to your maker."

"It will allow Colorado for a response, I do not hear," said the political analyst.

Shufrich said that Tsybulko is "covered by marauders" and will be cursed.

As reported by NEWSONE earlier, Krulko called the Tsybulko as "Colorado Potato Chicken" – also air the "format format".

  • Remember that the media report that the LCP identifies the article about illegal wealth as non-statutory.
  • A complete list of people's administrators, who asked in 2017 to delete this article, was published.
  • It is expected that 50 at least 50 of the illegal assault of a decision will be made; High officials, now NABU's search, are closed, as well as having a & # 39; closing the business in every case that has now been heard in the courts.
  • However, according to Finance Ambassador Yuriy Lutsenko, there has still been no decision to investigate the illegal wealth of officers.
  • The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, attempts to send another bill to the Verkhovna Rada on his / her; punishment for illegal wealth.
  • The Constitutional Court sent a decision, which indicated article 368-2 of the Criminal Code on illegal illegal civilization, in relation to the provision of 59 deputies.

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