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President Poroshenko declared 856.4 million Hryvnia in 2019

President Pedro Poroshenko from January 2019 said 856.4 million hryvnia. This is recited by "Latest News" by referring to the United Register of proofs of people who are allowed to carry out state actions.

1 February – 1 March Poroshenko certifies UAH 280.4 million in revenue: there are 169.6 million to & # 39; Separation of the public common stock company that is closed as the Principal Investment Budget, Non-Complex Corporate Investment Fund, 2.1 million percent of the International Investment Bank (IIB), 104, 1 million and paid back by the Finance Ministry for the cost of borrowing an internal government and a 4.6 million investment profit when government bonds were released.

In early January, the president named 576 million tax hryvnia: 548.7 million shares from the Rothschild Trust, 26.2 million and Division from Asset Priority and 1.1 million percent of grants to IIB. At the same time, the affirmations of the Fact may be related to both revenue for 2018 and 2019, since changes in ownership status have been published within 10 days of the date they got.

Depending on what year, Poroshenko's income for 2018 is at least 754 million hryvnia, which is 46 times greater than its income in 2017, or is higher than 1.3 billion hryvnia, which is 80 times greater than it has been confirmed in 2017 years 16.3 million hryvnia. Poroshenko is obliged to complete a total income income for 2018 by 31 March.

As Strana has reported, the campaigns of the cash income of 44 Presidential candidates in Ukraine have 2.23 billion hryvnia, and 37% of this amount are assets from the head current defense, Petro Poroshenko.

Also remember that the "Country" was closely studying the confirmation of President Pedro Poroshenko. As a result, we found amazing information: in his documents, Poroshenko forgot two companies, and took part of the palace to his son.

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