Sunday , November 17 2019
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Samsung Galaxy Buds will receive AKG sound. Reed

In 2016, Samsung bought Harman companies, which incorporates the Austrian AKG company. Its experts are to help the Koreans play the sound, and now they will put a hand on the new Samsung wireless devices – Galaxy Buds.

This would recognize the extended promotional images of new things. In addition to the Samsung logo on the tax case, the "Sound by AKG" writing, a & # 39; show that Austria's company is involved in mobile phone development.

But what does "AKG sound" mean? The fact is that one of the departments of Harman is the work of Sean I. Olive (Sean Olive), which is a "perfect sound" level development for acoustics and mobile phones. Surveys with Shona I. Oliva helped to verify what type of video response is the visibility of the mobile phones, most audiences. The Oliva-Velti bend is called:

This is the point AKG is often used in his materials. So there is an opportunity for Samsung's mobile phone to get a soundtrack that optimizes most users.

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