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Skoda has updated its Kamiq crossing

Skoda has updated its Kamiq crossingSkoda Kamiq officially raised.

After an epic long adventure, Skoda Kamiq was finally officially entertained. Make sure you make sure that this novel should not be different from the one that is displayed under the same name earlier in China, reports by mentioning Autoblog.

In this case, it is higher in quality, designed specifically for the Old World car market. It looks quite different from the older Karoq and Kodiaq modules, so it will be targeted at younger listeners, such as the Volkswagen Cross T.

Modules have a terrible design feature, but the position of the lights has changed, since these very thin waves have been changed; using daily running lights and directional features. Optics are located below their main destination, so there is a backdrop in comparison to Karoq and Kodiaq. Behind the flat houses there are signs that run "run", and & # 39; appears for the first time on a linear Skoda. Although the teaser designed a large equivalent wheels, similar to almost all other design sketches, only the most of the reeds are available only 18 inches.

The crossover extends 4.24 meters long and it's a & # 39; offers 400 liters of luggage room with the back row unlocked, but, if you download the second row of seats, the number will be; up to 1,395 liters. Skoda values ​​its range; cottage, note that there are 77 cm between the back of the passenger sofa and the back of the front seats. There is nothing special about saying inside, since it is largely a bit of a & # 39; Received from Scala's scared slaughter. It can be noted that the highest performance models can be equipped with a 10.25-inch digital digital handheld, and the screening for the infotainment system is 6.5, 8 or 9.2 inches.

Security systems are worse – – here and the maintenance of the aid system sites, the control of renewable travel, as well as automatic motorcycle brake work. Fon cuach, there will be traditional power units for the VAG family: a turbo unit 1.0-liter gasoline of 115 cp and a 1.5-liter engine with 150 p. As a diesel engine, engine engineers used a 1.6-liter unit for 115 c.

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The crossover is fully equipped with a front wheel driver. The official exhibition of Skoda Kamiq for the European market will be held at the Geneva Motor Show, opening its doors on 5 March. The model will continue by the end of this year.

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