smartphone can call calls instead of the owner

In the spring of this year, Google published a new duplicate digital information system called Duplex, which allows someone with wonderful support to help with telephone and interact with people. And now, finally, Google is starting a commercial business of the Duplex system.

Google will add

Sotsportal is reported by mentioning High Technologies.

So far, only some Pixel smartphone owners in some US cities can prove. A list of the towns is not specified, but Duplex was previously predicted to start exams in Atlanta, New York, Phoenix and San Francisco. Google is beginning to "slowly adjust" to provide "good knowledge" for both phone and phone business.

At this time, the Duplex system's full skills are limited. For now, it can only be used for restaurant purposes. In addition, it will endeavor to ensure that you retain the place and the time you want. However, some restaurants that only contain records, even if they have public rooms and are not limited to internet registration. In this case, the person must still be discussed.

Despite this, this shows that this technology can already be used in the real world, although there are a number of constraints.

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