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Thank you, Linnet or Waiting for the summer: Schalke supporters, Werder Bremen and German media, have received Ukrainians for the German 1/4 Cup game.

Eugene Konoplyanka never met again as expected. Scotland's first team gamekeeper played a major part in the defeat of Schalke in the first quarter of the German Cup against Werder and could be more affected by the efforts of the national team. he is already under the supervision of the new coach Huba Stevens.

As Futbol 24 said, the Adventures became a successor, but they had plenty of time to prove themselves. Stevens, 65, who Schalke is now playing on a scheme with three defenders in the center and one on each side. So Yevgeny can only count on speeches in the middle of a attack. This was in a political position and replaced Embolo, which was spread in a pair of attacks by Burgstaller. But his appearance came in the 59th minute to become the Stevens hunt for the team. Linnet is blamed for the purpose, lost as a result of a terrible interaction by Ochipka. The last, the stop on the ball, made a very strong transition.

Eugene, somewhat straightforward, expecting the opponent to read everything easily and easily. In fact, then there was a big Rashitsa game too and not quite a confident of other Schalkers, but maybe the ex-Dnipro could be played better – badly, it's not t This movement, even in the Ukraine competition, always takes place. So Werder won the goal, but Eugene then had the chance to save his command.

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In German YouTube, only laughter could beat me. Linnet, who did not have a single cover, just put the first ball into the warden's hands. The difference between the national team striker Kosovo Rashitsa, which sent out is closer. Worst of all, after the owners have had the chance (so rare from the minute that it appeared) that Eugene lost, Werder immediately punished Schalke by playing a killing mix at 2: 0.

Estimates of the German papers are very tight. Der Westen 4 (the first best one, the worst 6), said: “The new name was replaced by Chip, after carrying the Werder and the scoring. Kicker rewarded him with four points: "Who knows how the game would have disappeared if Linnet had better beat off the punishment boundary." No, Sana, Ochipka only got the better of him. and Embolo worse signals.

Ruhrnachrichten – 4.5: “I went into the field instead of Embolo, but I did not affect the game in any way”. Spox – 4: "They took part in several attacks, but mostly made bad decisions." The WDR notes that Eugene, "more commonly appeared at Tedesco, is the second number for Stevens." And now many competitors can get worse than enough … t

The static port of Sofascore was largely from Ukrainians at 6.4. The average Schalke score for game recital at 6.6. Even the other two partners, who took them further on, got better marks.

Linnet has only produced one of the 4 armor artefacts and issued 8 straight packs (88% of the programs found it). His time has passed over, but he hasn't grown so strong. Most catch over and back. In a word, he accidentally took part in the lost goal, lost the time, created himself, stretching the game from the middle of the field, and … destroying each other t fundamentally. When Sana won red for Shahin and a cheaply dangerous kick, the Ukrainians, who first came to the ball, were not allowed to achieve the status – were they watching our national team's game in Luxembourg? But, the Ochipka medium found that it was just mosocre, so it was almost impossible to play worse.

Yevgeny Burgstaller, a partner, was also part of the criticism: “We had one or two opportunities on the atrocities that led to Kono. While we are in balance we say that the culture of the Schalke attack was generally low. Therefore, one of Kono cannot lodge here. The same Burgstaller lost even better mare.

But the crew in the team make clear the event in cash time. T The young gamekeeper Nyubel didn't end Konoplyanka and the company, and Werder nearly managed to organize it. The Keeper himself was wrong by blowing his head off. Instead, he received applications from a partner Mascarelle, who encouraged himself. Some improvement.

Schalke fans didn't finish the ironing. "Pool 6 points, suggest." Someone scores the score (4 with a minus), but in general the audience rating is not better than the media.

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