The American Piano bought a Ukrainian origin Newzmate

The American Piano Software software, which is Developing solutions for media business, Ùisdein Newzmate. The content of the item has not been published.

The auto marketing service for content marketing for the media industry, developed by Newzmate, will be one of the Piano product online solutions and will be named ESP Piano. And the inaugural office in Kiev will be represented by the Legend of Piano, – a script AIN.UA.

"Over the past half a year, we discussed the sales potential of three companies, two in the US, one in Singapore," said Alexey Chapko, the Chief Executive and co-founder of Newzmate. processes "South Westerly

Co-founder and Project Leader, Alexei Chapko will have a " The director of the Piano office of Ukraine in Kiev is a general manager and is the vice president of Piano's sales in eastern Europe and Asia. CTO and co-founder of Newzmate Dmitry Shandyba are hosting Piano's Principal Architect and his & continue to manage the product development.

Newzmate staff still work in the Piano office of Ukraine. At the time of business in October this year, the staff were including 9 staff, now 12 of them are already, and in 2019 it is expected to expand to at least 30 people, first, they will hire developers.

It was remembered, Newzmate, a Ukrainian-Polish start, the SaaS platform for substantial marketing for news and media companies, was established by the Ukrainians Alexei Chapko (CEO) and Dmitry Shandyba (CTO). The investment fund raised $ 850,000 from Happy Farm, Xevin Investments, Basa Godska, Alexander Bariah and Microsoft Bizspark. There is a headquarters with a team of 12 people in Kiev. At a time, the solution was used with more than 60 online media in 10 countries in America, Europe, Asia and Africa with a total audience of 300 million readers . Earlier on AIN.UA the story about creating Newzmate, which at that time already produced publications with an audience of 14 million readers.

Piano is a digital content content and an audience management platform for international media companies. PBC customers include NBC Universal, Business Insider, Bloomberg, AOL, Gatehouse, Hearst and over 1,300 other centers.

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