The English actor Albert Finney died to play Hercule Poirot

In the UK, on ​​8 February, an actor and film director died Albert Finney, he was 82 years old, reporting Russian service Radio Liberty. In 2011, he became known as cancer.

Finny's most famous roles include Hercule Poirot's detective at Murder on the Orient Express in 1974, Ed Masri's lawyer at Erin Brockovich, and the old people of Ed Bloom in Big Fish. He also played Winston Churchill in the Churchill television movie (The Gathering Storm).

He was the winner of three BAFTA awards, named five times for the Oscar, who won the Golden Globe three times, which won the Emmy Prize and the Actors Guild Screen Awards.

His career began in 1956; The last post in the movie he played in 2012.

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