The horoscope for today – Horoscope for 1 April: Scorpios must follow the signs, and Gemini may have new friendships.

The second month of spring begins without a stop for many signs. But some are lucky enough to have wealth quickly. Do you want to know what is waiting on you on 1 April? Experts already answered this question "Apostrof.Laym". In our astronomical prospectus, you will discover who should make a big purchase, which will be in trouble and that everything is easy to do.


You will feel more of your own sex than normal. This will draw attention to the other species, since your vibrations are strong enough. If you have wanted to make sympathy from someone you want to win, then is the time.


A dream this dream today should be completely described. Don't go ahead in your cases, in a quiet rhythm you can get what you want much faster, because you will not break the wood. You may need to spend time with children. And that is not how you are.


A pleasant day to enjoy mirth. New relationships may emerge or renew long term links. There may be unexpected meetings. And the people of Gemini should look carefully at their loved ones.


You can speak to your partner. Dangerous behavior is better without promise. Take care of your wishes, under-mindedness is trying to bring you something. 1 April – a good day date, organize it with flavor and imagination.


It doesn't work to get accidents, you should be prepared for this. Relate and continuity, and then quickly add to new activities. Very quickly, your cases go smoothly, but now you need to be patient and be confident.


Try to be alone with your thoughts and ideas on the shelves. There is a good time ahead, but you have to make a positive appearance to enjoy it. Such brothers will not let you rest, let them go.


There is likely to be a financial loss, besides, you realize that you cannot be saved at all. Count your expenses so that you are out of pence. Think about all the movements in advance, or if you are in danger of losing out, it will be difficult to return.


Look closely for signs and signs. Now your sixth sense is very sharp, listen to it. On 1st April, it would be great to have some important discussions. Even if they are recorded for another time, try to send them away.


You can make a profit easily. It is important to look after her well. If you find your opportunity, you will be amazed at your happiness. Your financial circumstances can make a big improvement if you reasonably consider cost.


Trust your heart and do what you really want. Don't listen to the people who don't believe in you. The time will be happy and fun, the lovers will help you. Enjoy going on to dream.


You will find new talent. The day will provide an important decision for exciting new knowledge and useful experience. Be active and do not allow anyone to reduce progress.


Fish is impermeable, it is better to not buy large and never hold important meetings. Now you can both win and lose. Your day will be similar to a tape measure. If you want to have a chance to try it out, try. But remember that you are not sure of any impact.

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