The listeners did not understand immediately that the death of the comedian was real, and not part of the performance.

British comedian Jan Cognito died on stage when he played at the Atic Bar in Bister. The RAF reports on it.

Witnesses who saw that the comedy was 'sitting in a chair and sitting back for five minutes' during the show. The audience decided that this is part of the process, and they continued to laugh, in case the artist had died.

Jan Cognito, pictured – Air Force

One of our supporters, Jan Cognito, said he had "made a very positive situation".

"Just 10 minutes before he sat down, it made a joke about a stroke," said the viewer.

His staff tried to do an indirect heart scale by a comedian, but there was no point in them.

Earlier, Strana declared that German German mother Angela Merkel had died.

We also wrote that the widow of the famous actor Valery Zolotukhin died in Moscow.

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