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The player Play Sony PlayStation 4 has been doubled in price

The demand for consoles is gradually falling as a result of the five-year sale of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as their own technical equipment. in 2013, years of aging. Now the computer power of these consoles is not enough to meet the needs of most gamekeepers, so their demand from around the world goes down rapidly, and that is especially the case. evident in 2019. But Sony isn't going up to that situation.

According to Michael Parker, a leading business analyst who's predictive prediction for more than one hour, the Sony PlayStation 4 console will grow down in prices, taking place in the first half of 2019, that is. T months ahead. Because of this, PS4 will buy a wider range of customers than ever before. If this console is sold for $ 349 – $ 399, then it is launched for $ 199.

This really means that everyone can buy for around 13,000 rubles. Indeed, in this particular case, we are talking about the PS4 Slim model with 500 GB driving, but it will be enough for most users. The price tag also fails to reduce the price on the Pro module, but this will only happen if the data has the origin of the data. In his opinion, therefore, Sony will be able to hold the PlayStation 4 application until a new generation console is introduced, and possibly even for a longer time.

Clearly, if the PS4 costs only 13,000 rubles, many people will want to buy it, especially that many of the aims for this concert are sold for just $ 20 (1,300 rubles). T ) that is, you can buy them. several times cheaper than it was shortly after they had hit the market. Because of this, everyone can meet a $ 300 budget by buying games consoles and a number of high quality video games, which will be enjoyed alone or with friends.

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