The property of the ICO Etherparty project is frozen: it is suspected that the organizers are spending money on lamba, casinos and real estate.

Kebe Hobbs and Lisa Cheng's fundraising project, the Vanbex Canada project, which collected $ 22 million in 2017 at the Etherparty project YMI, was frozen by court decision. According to CoinDesk, they suspect they are deceit.

During the ICO, Hobbs and Cheng released the FUEL signal, designed to be used in a system created as Etherparty contracts. The organizers promised a big increase in the price of the brand.

According to the research, the Vanbex company was not going to develop and return the output from its own investment. The price of the signals has not been reached at a transmitter value and is currently $ 0.01.

Despite the fact that no official taxes were paid against Kevin Hobbs and Lisa Cheng, the court was working to freeze their accounts at the Bank of Montreal, which was almost $ 1 million.

It was noted that the Vanbex founders bought two $ 3 million mansions in Vancouver and Toronto, two Land Rovers, and rented Lamborghini for three years for $ 375,000 for three years. Kevin Hobbs was also a professional professional player and was said to have spent money on investment.

Vanbex's founders deny the offense. According to them, they did not provide any guarantees about the price increase for the mark. The campaigners also said that the settlement of Vanbex had not been banned.

Remember that AriseBank, Jared Rice, was at the end of March admitting it was attracting $ 4.2 million to investors in cryptocurrency. It is 120 years in jail.

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