There is no other accommodation available: a Man City keeper changed his own colors

A 25-year-old visit to Manchester City Edmund was a big collection of tattoos with new paintings with a lion, an eagle and a gamekeeper who looked from his back.

After completing the work, the tattoo artist Adao Rosa put a picture on Instagram.

Earlier in the upper reaches of the River there was a bible image of Christ and an angel's wings.

Below them, an eagle appeared on the left, as well as the dragon on the right, and then a number of gamekeepers' arms caught a foot over a detailed detail of a lion's head.

Centimeters by centimeter A 25-year-old teenager seems to cover his whole body.

He already has a skull on Adam's apple and a rose under his ear. The right hand has three female faces. The left hand side of the biceps and the crown as well. On his chest there is another bow, despite his religious ideas, "I belong to Jesus."

There is no indication that Ederson will be stopping, so most of his body is not covered in decoration.

Earlier, Ederson had a large car for half a million euro.

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