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Traders raised the dollar to 32 hryvnia

Traders raised the dollar to 32 hryvnia


For two days, the dollar in exchange rates increased by 2-4 hryvnia

In banks, the dollar will be sold to the population in the range of 28-30 hryvnia, and in exchange offices they raised the accounts to 32 hryvnia.

Uccain's banks Tuesday, November 27, actively increase the level of the dollar against the backdrop of the values ​​of the bank exchange market caused by a # 39; including military law, and UBR writing.

An average sales price with 70 kopecks, and reinforced within UAH 28.50-29.0 / $.

In this case, it is 28.15 UAH; in the lower value of the dollar. And the cheapest dollar in Kharkov, where the local Bank Grant is offered at 30 UAH. / $.

At the same time, buying money from the population is made in the UAH 27.80-28.30 ./$ frame.

In non-bank financial establishments applications are higher, and reach 32 UAH. / $ Air sold money to people.

It is noted that people are still listening to them. Buying cash money in US money at any stage.

"Over the last two days, the demand for the dollar has increased significantly. For one reason only – due to news about the introduction of law enforcement in In addition, people do not usually take $ 100, but big amounts – $ 3-5,000 .. People are unusually avoiding exchange and bank money offices and buying the dollar, "said the chairman of one of the banks.

As a result of an additional demand, a shortage of money dollars began to be created.

As reported, the hryvnia began to last year's decline in its & # 39; decision to combat arms law.

The National Bank of Ukraine released on November 27 a drop in hryvnia exchange rate with more than 10 kopecks – to UAH 27.89 per dollar.

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