Ukrainians have been shown how the daughter of Klitschko looks like: "my mother's copy". Politeka

In connection with the scandal breakdown of athletes Wladimir Klitschko and Hollywood actor Hayden Panettiere, the Ukrainians decided to " shows how a girl looks like

The same picture was published by her own actress on her social network page.

So, the girl is attached to a car seat and with a cap on her head. She also left a signature: "sweet moments when the baby is to sleep."

Note that Panneteri had published a picture by her daughter, where she was still a barrel. For her, Evdokia is like her mother's copy.

As previously stated, Hayden Panettiere shared a beautiful picture with his daughter Kaya-Evdokia Klitschko.

Recently, the media told that the Ukrainian divorce Vladimir Klitschko's daughter and actress Hayden Panettiere moved to her father in Ukraine. According to sources, Panettiere decided that the 4-year-old Kaye-Evdokia would live better with the pope at this stage.

However, Kaya-Evdokia is not clear with living with her mother or father. Anyway, Hayden Panettiere sent a picture on her Twitter page with her daughter, and she rarely did her.

"Sweet mummies with sleeping babies," Hayden added to the picture.

Netizens believes that Hayden Panettiere's consent was to # 39; Repairing the information that Kaya-Evdokia moved to her father Vladimir Klitschko in Ukraine. Note that there are no official comments about this issue.

As stated, the legendary journalist Vladimir Klitschko is personally reported back to the ring.

The boxers think it's still full of energy. After all of Klitschko's return to the ring, the athlete refused these facts.

In his Twitter, Wladimir Klitschko writes that he loves the challenges of life; Given, but not yet going to the ring.

He named these facts "joke April Fool".

Remember that the previous Klitschko has changed to a more well-known degree: the photo was taken up with a new lover.

As Politeka said, Klitschko previously "challenged" Joshua: "I want to come back, I feel that I can beat everyone."

Politeka also wrote that Vladimir Klitschko valued Usik's chances for heavy.

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