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Ulyana Suprun explained to the Ukrainians who do not cure cancer with a mushroom

The head of the Ministry of Health Ministry Suprun warned the Ukrainians to face other methods of remedying cancer, in particular, against a method called "fungotherapy", which includes the use of stomach- herd for cancer treatment. Write about this office on its Facebook social network page.

"Doctors and patients have anxiety to spread active information about cancer treatment with a mushroom near the National Institute of Decision. Helpers of this way provide a course and promise a whole promise despite the degree of illness, "wrote Suprun.

According to her, this is a method in this way and an effort to make money for strange people who want to get back. The Minister recommended that it is not appropriate to use a patient's situation, and Promotes a sense of awareness of the methods, which are not proven by science.

In addition, the officer noted that people who consult this other method, as a rule, are not medical professionals. Despite this, they are a & n; Setting this machine as a parasite, often delivering their services for a lot of money and its; giving the patient the amount of time he could spend on this medicine.

Suprun also explained that there is no audit that demonstrates the efficacy of fungi in a & # 39; treatment or cancer prevention.

"We can talk about the effectiveness of a particular way that has been confirmed by major clinical checks that have been carried out for years or even decades (for example, randomly controlled checks). However, not a similar study that a & # 39; the effectiveness and safety scrutiny of the provisions made by fungi or their parts It has not been done, "- said the Minister.

The head of the department strongly recommends that trust alone be evidence-based. "There are daily healing rates that improve daily. New ways of creating high efficiency and at the same time maintain a high quality of patient life are high enough . And so they have their own effects and some of its disadvantages. Before it began to handle it, and not in the process, or did not get any information about it, " she said.

Screenshot: Facebook / Uliana Suprun

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