Venus's ozone layer – scientists have made unexpected look

Life is possible: Scientists have found Venus's ozone envelope

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Scientists have discovered that the ozone envelope is over Venus's polished areas

Scientists have discovered the ozone lines above the Venus pollen areas. An international team of rhetorists discovered long ago. review archives of the Venera Express mission. The study reinforces the planet's planetary surroundings patterns. Scientists believe that this search will change the existing criteria for the purpose of being detected. live in exoplanets. About this Icarus tells.

For the first time, Venus's ozone envelope presence was marked in 2011, but scheduled issues were short-term, and the band itself was thin and tall at a high altitude. In a new research course, scientists reviewed the data from the SPICAV device, which included infrared and ultra-biological speeds posted on Venera Express's interconnection mission, which collected from 2006 to 2014.

Scientists can find electric lines; which is relatively tightly located above the Veterans peak areas over a 50 ° lathan, at a height of about 70 kilometers from the planet's surface, in the tall snowy snow, where the like is similar The ozone lines in the Mars and Earth environments.

According to researchers, a volume of ozone volume on Venus 10-20 grains per billion (0.1-0.5 units Dobson). For comparison, the level of ozone in Earth's atmosphere is a thousand times longer.

Indeed, scientists do not even hope that they will add Venus to the list of exoplanets. It is said that not only does the ozone layer appear, but also has a & # 39; Share on how the planet works. In the sun system, the Earth only meets this certificate.

Remember that an expert reported that Mercury was once again revealed.

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