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View business news – Dmitry Komarov was killed in Brazil – see the video

In Brazil, an attack on the Outside World program Dmitry Komarov was carried out by the director and journalist of the Ukraine. A decision can therefore be taken from the video published on YouTube on the ACTOR FIGHT channel and the hashtag #dmytrokomarov.

In the description of the video, "My friends aren't very lucky." The last incident, and the details of the event, aren't yet known.

The framework shows how the presenter circulates around the city, and then anonymous men. Then everyone runs for the director, and judges the sounds, burns on him. This video is breaking off.

The effects were enormously affected by users. Some sympathize with the presenter.

“It is turning over what I have seen. I don't crawl, pull away or not. But worrying. I think it doesn't happen and I don't want anything to happen to it. I hope this will take part in a local film. Truly, as against the backdrop, I would not say that this is a game, if there is a game, then at a very high level. We await explanations and official information, "Say to me that this is an order, I cannot keep his death."",– they write.

But most commentators question the video video series, considering it in an attempt by the reporter to show an interest in his presentation.

“It wants people to see their new exhibition – very good”, “Ahaha, the whole fightman”, “Looks like a result”, t "The montage is not good, the performance skills aren't good. In general, Dima is today", "As well as the blood of one bullet, and especially in the shoulder, they were filmed in the The movie was "filmed Kino. It's safe and sound," "WithBy nameing the name of the channel, setting it up … if it was filming it in particular, it isn't true, but it's still mute, ”he says. – a huge number of users.

As previously reported by FACTS, Dmitry Komarov told how he had met a drug lord in Brazil. According to the TV presenter, all the film crew were scared, but they did not let it go.

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