VNO 2019 in Ukraine begins to sign up for ZNO

A recording for VNO-2019 began in Ukraine


Registration will continue for VNO to 25 March

Those who want an independent external evaluation by 25 March must register for the service and submit documents.

On Tuesday, 5 February, a recording for independent evaluation of candidates from Ukraine, which runs up to 25 March, recites the media service for the Education Education Assessment Center (UTSOKO).

Those who wish to participate in the VNO should create and complete a registration card, which will be created by using a special service on the URACO website, prepare a set of registration documents and submit it to the person responsible for registering at an educational center (for school graduates, college college college students, which is the year completing full-level secondary education), or to an appropriate regional center to evaluate the quality of Azovaniya ( for graduates from last years).

After that, the regional center will provide a special certificate.

"The seats of student registration documents (students, students) will add to finalize the state's final certificate in the form of VNO education establishments until March 18, 2019," said the Center.

As is known, external external evaluation will be held in 11 academic subjects from May 20 to July 12.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Education returned the VNO for ninth level.

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