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we will be analyzing the Volkswagen Transporter at the Bauma – Auto Review exhibition

The Volkswagen bus vans and buses have been made since 2015, and the first complete new generation of exhibitions must wait a further two years. So, as the current model is not dated in terms of today's modern location, it was completely updated and indexed to T6.1. The updated Multivan traveler was exhibited back in February and at the Bauma exhibition in Munich the Goods Carrier was also on display – we met him.

Looking behind the back of large trucks and other lifting equipment (we tell you about the Bauma exhibition itself in one of the nearest destination numbers) the revised logo would be van and VW Transporter similar to Lilliputian – it is clear why. showcased in other marquees.

T6.1 is the easiest way to identify the predictions: pilots of high tide and now all-terrain tunnels are now in very steep coastal scale with the new generation of Touareg SUV. However, the main changes are in the school bag.

The panel has faced a new, more energetic, geothermal design – even though it was made, as before, of hard plastic. Expensive expensive, a MIB3 large-scale screen display is another SIM card with a longer internet connection. It is comfortable to sit behind the wheel, and overall, ergonomics did not win design techniques but: the interior is no longer boring.

The new panel was given the original design, but it did not lose any functionality.

In an electronic depot in the new T6.1, almost all existing helpers are available. Here and active management of cruises with a tracking system for road markings, and avtoparkovschik, and trailer assistance. All these systems are available because of the new electric power on VW – on the T6 before, the outdated “sticky” deteriorated to modern standards.

Other alteration – new door cards with large pockets

And here are the signs of a new time: as well as the ordinary diesel engines, which now achieve Euro-6d-TEMP strict standards, and create the most powerful version like 199 hp, t the full electric fans, built with ABT, will be exposed to the field.

They are fitted with an 84-kilowatt electric motor, and may contain one or two batteries with a base capability of 38.8 kWh. The "one-battery" option is 216 km per thousand miles, and could allow a theoretical mode of travel as well as 400 km – you can travel a short distance by car like that.

The cargo division has been virtually altered – but it was said that, as a result of cutting out in the vicinity of the floor in the passenger seat area, it was possible to make things longer. loaded.

Sales of cars from the updated family of Transporters begin at the end of spring. They appear in our country – the truth is, it is not clear exactly when. However, we have been able to learn from one of the leading company managers in the show that VW T6.1 representation in Russia can only be expected (possibly by GAZ, as the Gazelle Next with Volkswagen should be enter the market. expansion.

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