Xiaomi introduced an unusual device

Xiaomi introduced an unusual deviceXiaomi introduced the hard-copy text interpreter

The Chinese company Xiaomi showed a device called Lighten AI Translator H4, reporting the Chronicle. Info described in iLenta.com

As with many other products, new sales will be launched after money has been raised at the Youpin joint funding site.

AI Translator H4 is a useful tool for Chinese users learning English. So far, the tool translated from English to Chinese, but we think the list of languages ​​will be extended.

AI Translator has been made easier by Intel slate with AI support, a 2600 mAh battery, stabilizer derivative, 12-megapixel image singer and Sony IMX214, the word known. The device only translates the user's individual words.

The display displays a verbal interpretation on a smart phone that connects bluetooth. The camera is fitted with a lens with a wide angle of view. The developers report that the machine identifies any printed material with an English text.

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$ 59 is spent on the cost of the famous uniform. Sales begin on 23 May.

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