Ultima Thule shows hidden secrets – skin time



The Ultima Thule's shape has changed from a snowman to a pancake shape. "NASA / JHAPL / SwRI" src = "https://www.sciencetimes.co.kr/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/AKR20190211040100009_01_i_P2.jpg" width = "480" height = "270

The Ultima Thule's shape has changed from a snowman to a pancake shape. Ⓒ NASA / JHAPL / SwRI

The Ultima Thule (2014 MU69), known as a big snowman in the ice kingdom at the end of the solar system, near flat shape as a pancake,

The Southwest Research Institute (SWRI) that participates in the operation & Red Space Expedition & NASA has released a complete analysis of the designs taken by New Horizons near Ultima Thule,

Ultima Thule was seen as a snowman in the early drawings taken by New Horizons on January 1, when two things were split together.

However, New Hurrisons came to 3540 km on their body, and the speed of 51,500 kilometers per hour, the pictures that were taken from different angles and the star analysis around it were shown; definition hidden in the dark because the sun did not go. come for a while.

The Neurh Raisens executive team outlined the star summary when Ultima Thule turned the star and had a description of her & # 39; square body.

As a result, it was investigated that its large body, Ultima, was made from a pancake, and the small body, Thule, was shaped as refusing nuts.

The photo was taken by New Horizons about 8862 km from Ultima Thule. It is about 66 kilometers from the ground.

Dr. Allan Stern, a scientist SwRI and a major analyst for Newhurstisons jobs team, in a press release "collected the data (New York Times), much of the change was based on the restricted image," said Ultimate Thule. closer to fact than saying that it's as smooth as pancakes. "

"This is the first time we've seen this type of solar system," he said, saying that he is a scientific puzzle; about creating stars.

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