Ultima Thule's ultimate images show a true shape


Due to the size of the outer field, it is not surprisingly unfamiliar. Most of the time, we can only base-based dimensions that are our telegopypoons and some of the orbital lines are absorbent objects that do not reach many space lanes. It's not enough to go to the # 39; New Horizons received its Pluto's historic aeronautic gun; We got our final shot of the plan that was demolished. New Horizons now bids farewell to another neighbor for a long time, but not before throwing new riddles to scientists around Ultima Thule.

Ultima Thule, which is formally named MU69 2014, is Kuiper Belt Object (KBO), as far as the world's most remote explores our solar system. Or maybe it's better to say "psychoanalysis". Ultima Thule is made up of a bilingual form, named "Ultima" and "Thule", originally used as spherical, and employs its nickname "snowman". But like anything in the room, there is nothing like it seems.

It is not as easy to obtain detailed drawings of the Ultima Thule total boundary, considering things such as distance from the sun, the side facing the light, and the distance of 50,000 km / h New Horizon. Apply the fact that the spacecraft used long times to signal the level of signal; camera is stimulating, and a bit annoying is going on. Thanks to some of the processes and management of the stars that are impeded by Ultima Thule, NASA scientists were able to estimate a better KBO body.

Instead of snowman, Ultima Thule has a better description of a pancake pincake. It is not a valid 100% model, indeed, and the two can be even more fair or more than this new model might recommend. Scientists, however, make sure that snowman is not an active stone.

They are not as sure how the object came, and the biggest solution to their sexuality was a solution in future days; as they wait for more of New Horizon's latest images. Ultima Thule's form is definitely certain so far in the solar system and its origins, the only time, can change or change the origins of the solar system itself.

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