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Although, in recent decades, several mechanisms have been made in tools to obtain better thermal land, for example. to prevent a radiator of a marathon to cool or keep a warm climber, never made a device that will change itself, responding to changing weather.

Researchers at the University of Maryland, headed by Professor Yuhuang Wang, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, published by the Science magazine, The first device that often controls the heat it will be; go through.

When the weather is hot and soft, so its body is & # 39; bulbing, the material allows infrared radiation (heat) to be installed; body to pass through and escape into the environment, so the body will cool. On the other hand, when the weather is cold and dry, the material will reduce the heat that is; escape into the environment, so the body will heat up.

The base of the building is a yarn of two different seagulls, one which casts in and the other is rejected. The wool is covered with carbon nanotubes, a metal that is well-preserved heat.

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Scientists have said that the new building needs more work before being used commercially, but its entirety is already available on the market, and even the product has no technical problems .

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