Uncommon! There is no image of imagination in one-horn: they were there!


Many children around the world will put their heads on her; A pistol who dreamed that they had an amazing friend in their backpack: unicorn. But that creature of fairy tales is not so big.

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A group of scientists published of course this amazing creature if he lived on the ground and had been extinct at least 35 thousand years ago. In fact, any grandmother's teeth are falling, this creature was not as beautiful as the beautiful films and beaches, they did not; look so colorful or frost as they have been brought over and over again, the same is true if A great horn that was a basic character.

It was the same uncooked, indeed, that was; him elasmoterio, and say "unicorn of" Siberia"It disappeared more than 35 thousand years as a result of reducing grazings in the degree that was live as a result of climate change, according to a survey published today.

Yes, it's true, not the little animal that runs, it's not; He could do it, he would have at least its weight 3.5 tons That's why I need so much food. Most were there; there Rhinoceros to Asian mainland, marked by an incredible horn, living longer than it was; previously believed, according to international research that also explained the relationship between this animal and the rhinos.

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Until today it was believed that this animal that lived in the areas of Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China was now extinct before being The last Ice Age or about 200 thousand years agohe said Communications from Adelaide University who participated in the research.

An genetic analysis edit source] DNA Center of Old University of Adelaide Universityto show that "Siberian Unicorn" one of the last members of a specific family of rhinoceros.

The ancestors of Sibèian unicorn & # 39; shared by the ancestors from all rhinos 40 million years ago, Kieran Mitchell, co-author of the research and researcher of the ACAD said.

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