Undergraduate manufacturing subsections grew 3.39% between January and September, according to INEI | Economy


Representation manufacturing sector It increased by 1.19%, in September 2018, a collection increase in the 4.33% period in January, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Intelligence (INEI ).

The entity said that this positive result was due to a higher yield than the sub-structure (3.52%) and non-primary manufacturing (0.52%) subsections, with increases for January-September time of 7% and 3.39% , individually.

They were the main branches of the non-primary manufacturing subsections that were; stand for to be affected, to & # 39; making metal materials for structural use and plastic making.

In September, 25.8% of metal materials created for structural use and were the highest quality registration to date this year. In addition, in January 2018, it grew 7.6%.

This product was produced with more frames, business frames, advance modules, doors and metal windows for internal and external market, usually with Bolivia, The Ecuador and Honduras.

Extended plastic production by 11.3% in September and collected six months of continuous growth.

Similarly, between January and September, there has been a 4.6% increase in plastic products in a variety of types and has been the tallest highest level to date this year.

The increase was due to increased plastic materials for packaging, construction and various plastic articles, transport articles, packs and packs to meet demand both inside and outside Mexico, The Argentina, The Puerto Rico, The United States, The Bolivia, The Chile, The Panama and Guatemala.

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