Undo the iMac Pro can send 256 GB of RAM without buying Apple's option


Recently, it has been possible to order an order of Apple Store the iMac Pro with 256 GB of RAM, a label canceling a small amount of € 6,240. Those who have already been able to do so will not be able to do so with more expensive ECC DDR4 (2666 MHz).

According to an internal document shared AppleInsiderIf it is physically possible to swallow the four 64GB modules into the monoblock, this module will not be supported by the modules carrying less than 256GB of RAM. Alternatively, it is possible to upload up to 128 GB to any iMac Pro (accessible with basic 32 GB of RAM).

The RAM on the iMac Pro keyboard. Image iFixit.

It has been difficult to find out if the commercial clamping has been done (only Apple Store IMac Pro can be sold by 256 GB of RAM) or technical (need extra variation from the emitter). fields in?). But if your business needs 256 GB of RAM in the iMac Pro, Apple is the only one that can now give you a similar tool.

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