Unemployed women in their fifth birthday will be more likely to develop cancer in middle age


MePerhaps nfertility could grow to have cancer in the middle of life close to the fifth, research.

The survey of more than three million women of childbirth age found that those with fertility problems were more likely to develop the disease.

Scientists from Stanford University said it was not possible to show whether non-fertility – a remedy for cancer – is a cause of cancer.

They could also be interpreted as a way of working that increases the risk of cancer and inactivity, they said.

But the four-year study found women who were in their 30s when an investigation started, that those suffering from problems of mental illness were more likely to develop a type of cancer during the course of their 30s. time.

Researchers confirmed that the total cancer risk was now low.

Overall, those with fertility problems had a 2 per cent overall risk, compared with a 1.7 per cent increase for other women.

The results were published in the Human Reproduction magazine.

Director of research, Dr Gayathree Murugappan, said: "The reasons for the increase in cancer are unknown at the University of Stanford University Medicine in California." received in this investigation, whether non-infertility, the causes of infertility, or infertility treatment.

'We can only show a connection between them.

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