Unfortunately, Myanmar, Vietnamese experts for a non-performing name


Myanmar is matched at the Thuwana Stadium, Vietnam has been a "set-up" game player with many opportunities created by the guardian's visit to Kyaw Zin Htet.

However, the ineffective in the final steps and the excellent saving level of the "spider" team you have allowed us to take a full 3 points.

In particular, the situation to visit Van Toan's goals but not known to the referee is the best example for Vietnam's unhealthy game.

Speaking after her & # 39; The football expert Tran Anh Tu said that if Parker Hang uses this name, we will grow better.

Unfortunately, Myanmar experts, Vietnamese experts, for a non-playing name - Football

Scientist Tran Anh Tu said that Vietnam's Duc Chinh should be relied on against Myanmar.

In particular, Tran Anh Tu said:Vietnam has set a fair game against Myanmar despite competing in a field away. In particular, in the second half, we were totally playing on your team team.

Phan Van Duc was an amazing game on the right and created many opportunities. However, I'm still sorry for Ha Duc Chinh Given that the location of the center is assigned to it, the force will be higher"

Phi Yen 09:18 11/27/2018

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