Unfortunately there are international papers for Vietnam


In particular, web browsers have been analyzed and disturbed by the situation that players do not recognize Van Toan's visit in the 77 minutes. Even & # 39; And the community has criticized the poorest people in a & # 39; Watching "black king" when Van wants to escape, rock accents after Quang Hai's degree. At the same time, international media is aware of Vietnam's regret.
FOX Sports writes, "The image on the mobile phone began with Van Toan, Phubes Lekpha, a Thai assistant. Phubes, 37, is regularly in the Thai league. Half but 13 minutes, the player is from the Van Toan Myanmar stone net. But the goal was not known for being outdoors. The decision is considered to be sensitive and well Unfortunately for Vietnam. "

Siam Sports Thailand wrote: "Vietnam's phone was unfortunately in the game with Myanmar. The goal was rejected, but the door to its final is still complete. With its last game , only Vietnam has to meet with the team that has no opportunity to go to Cambodia.

Myanmar 0-0 Vietnam

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