Unick Forex user data is released


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Unick Forex user data is released

More recently, Unick Forex, a company which has always been charged under pyramid schemes and pound schemes, has been the latest news of cryptomercado. The Bitcoin Guide himself has been talking about the company, t in an older capacity and more recently in the news The church office was closed.

The news of the company has risen dramatically since the site was live after live on Facebook, a delay occurred and other red banners appeared, leaving some investors in fear and many supporters defended.

In the past, news has been released that Unick would have been broken and user data stolen. In a video of the Ronald Silva channel, it shows a screen that shows how Unick's right should have been right before it went alive.

The gospel's advert said that he had data from a variety of users and that, if Bitcoin savings were not made, the information would be released. Some people trusted in video information and said that Youtuber just made free comments to get comments.

But not long after that, Unick announced that he was suffering from hacking attacks and that keeping up with the site was just a bit of security for the entire system (the media also attacked the media. T , something we are going to talk about more about a badge.

The argument then was that Unick had been the victim of a ransomware attack, whether it was a real pyramid scheme like poems or not. Now the truth can be told, with the strike releasing information at social network groups.

Very Against Forex Reading

YouTube channel Archives, one of the first to speak about the data transmission, and then a number of other news briefings, such as: t Sumanan and the Livecoins. According to information, data from 36,000 Unick Forex customers have been released. The information was first grouped Brazil's bitcoin. Members of the public that have released data have now confirmed that the list is actually true.

The file containing Unick's user data was provided in a public URL. The list of information is not small, in particular all the cadastric data users use in the hackers' possession. Information is provided by name, phone, Unick login, password, signal, bank account, full address, telephone number and more.

Among the many data that have been released are a number of large fish, which have started many users thinking that an attack may have been internal work. protected some of the dead. But as we have said, this is only a quote from some members of the community.

The immediate risks now are that the release of files and conveyors has promised to leave a significant additional amount if payment is made. Currently the organization is asking that all 4BTs give full information and disclose it. According to the threats, even bank information will be published. At the time of this publication, no amount was still transferred to the haulier's spool.

Unick vs Specialty Press

Unick, like the news of company-related searches, rose directly to the news, saying that the units were producing false news with the intention of damaging his interests. T company.

But the informative vehicles simply inform the events surrounding that topic and many more. Protection of the investors and Unick's managers over business-to-business news as one of the key red flag is one of the Company's validity.

Amongst all the sites, Bitcoin Portal was the biggest attacker of the company, which has a long history of close relations and Unick's research. But, like the other sites listed here, there are no big banks doing anything to try and harm Unick. The mission of the Bitcoin Guide and of all news and other information is to help cope with the principles of a system and be part of the army moving the world to decentralization.

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