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The early stage survey, from scientists at Imperial College London, examined the quality of sperm of 50 men who had suffered three or more participants; ongoing attacks.

The research, published in the magazine Clinical chemistry, compared to men who did not have uncomfortable partners at partners, the levels of DNA damage had sperm than those involved in the study.

The inspection team hopes that these results can open new routes for remedies to reduce the risk of casualties.

A continuous behavioral river affects one in 50 pairs in the UK, and is defined as an ongoing loss of three more behaviors before 20 weeks start.

Recent times, it has been considered that rehabilitation behavior expressions were caused by health issues with their mother, such as disorders or protection problems.

However, doctors can now be affected by spam health, Dr. Channa Jayasena, the main author of the research from the Imperial Physics Department: "Doctors have a special focus on women when they look for anonymous river causes. Health – and health of sperm – which has not been study.

"However, this research contributes to a growing body of evidence that suggests that sperm health is removing that it is pregnant with a child. For example, research shows that sperm has a vital role in placenta creation, which is essential for oxygen provision and the nutrition of the complexity. "

In the new research, the team investigated a sperm of 50 patients who were patients at the St Mary's Hospital Circuit Reference Clinic in London, part of the NHS Care Trust Healthcare.

Then they compared the results to a sperm health of 60 volunteers who had suffered abusive partners.

The analysis showed that sperm from men with partners on contamatic behavioral behavior was both damaged by DNA compared to the disciplinary body.

The research team suggests that this DNA damage could be encouraged by reactive oxygen species.

The molecules are created by cells in semen (including those that include sperm cells) to protect sperm from a disease and disease. However, in high enough collections the molecules can significantly damage sperm cells.

The results from the study revealed that sperm from men with aba river partners suffered four increases in the number of reactive oxygen species compared to the disciplinary body.

The research team is now exploring what to do & # 39; Encouraging high levels of these reactive oxygen species.

Dr. Jayasena: "Although the men in the exam did not have a chlamydia – we know that can affect sperm health – it is possible that other bacteria from previous diseases may remain in & 39; gland prossex, which makes bees. This can lead to high levels of reactive oxygen species. "

He also said there is an increase in evidence of obesity to reduce sperm health – & # 39; possibly due to high levels of body fat fatigue in reactive oxygen species. So the team analyzes the mental health of the 50 men in the study, and weight assessment and cholesterol levels.

The men who had been suffering behavior were slightly older than the control team – with an average age of 37 compared to 30, and were slightly overweight. The team now analyzes those factors affecting reactive oxygen species.

Dr. concluded Jayasena: "Although this is a small study, it allows us to follow us. If we confirm in additional work that high levels of reactive oxygen species in semen a & Increase the risk of abusive behavior, we can try to improve cures that increase the levels and increase their chance of growing fertilizer.

"It has long been a long time to have a broad health to play in abusiveness – and that the case is not a whole with women. We recognize that the two partners contribute to a quick river, we can get a clearer picture of the problem and begin to look for ways to make more fertility cause a healthy baby. "

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