Union of three cars to arrest Nissan chairman International


Carlos Ghosn is the link between Renault, Nissan Motors and Mitsubishi Motors.

Yesterday, Nissan Motors CEO Carlos Gosn was arrested by the Tokyo Area Attorney's Office to say it was up to 5 billion years ($ 44 million). Gosn is the army that is behind its affiliate of three car companies – Renault, Nissan Motor and Mitsubishi Motors. This will give them a reason to find ways to keep the agreement between the three parties when it is present.

"We are working hard to ensure that the three companies are not working together," said Nissan CEO, Hiroto Saikawa, at a news conference last night. Mitsubishi Motors named yesterday a plan to take fire from her president. Renault also holds a section meeting to find out how to deal with it.

The French craftsman said Thursday that the Renault board "was to hear the content of Nissan's information" and it was a " Waiting for information from Carlos Ghosn. They also said they wanted to "protect Renault's interests in the" federation ".

Ghosn was introduced to Renault in 1996 and was helpful in helping to & # 39; company to relocate profit due to cost-cutting policies. Three years later, Nissan's Head of Office's role in the context of the car took over after a break. The Renault-Nissan Alliance was born.

In April, the Mitsubishi Motors Chief Executive, Osamu Masuko, suggested that Gosn a " Helps to revive the automotive tools after a fuel stain. He decided to get a 34% hold in Mitsubishi Motors to become the largest constituent. After its contract, Mitsubishi Motors was officially joined the Renault-Nissan Alliance. By the end of 2016, Ghosn was elected as President of Mitsubishi Motors.

However, when no company holds a large part of the stock, the uncertain partnership. The French government always wanted to increase the Renault position. This is reflected when they re-instate Happiness as Chief Executive to the end of June, 2222, Having established an unacceptable framework for this collaboration.

However, Renault receives many profits from Nissan to have a & # 39; unhappy on Japanese self-propelled devices. Nissan is about half the net profit for a French car company in 2017 and over 50% over the last few years.

"They may have more strategic disagreement." This threat of power is greater in all three companies, "said Takaki Nakanishi at the Nakanishi Research Institute," Hope is the most important thing "The restructuring speeches can hit things in for reasons because the base has fallen. "

It is anticipated that the sale of three 14 million units of vehicle cars in 2022, up 40% from those currently. The financial interests of its affiliates are expected to be doubling to 10 billion euros ($ 11.5 billion) annually, based on the three-time strategy of the three companies. So, the founder and chief architect are sure to & # 39; affect these plans.

This federation based on something is something strange. They have their international headquarters in Amsterdam (Holland). This is where the Renault-Nissan B.V (RNBV) – co-operates with 50% of the car companies. RNBV is responsible for streamlining long-term long-term strategies for its & # 39; alliance, and the decision of resource distribution among the three companies. Ghosn is a president and Director

"Ghosn has been using power and creating a unity that can not work without it," said Nissan chief executive. Saikawa said, "there is too much power to focus on one person."

Nissan and Renault have played a & # 39; power game. The French government, the largest stakeholder in Renault, is seeking recruitment rights in auto-behaviors, by incorporating the Florange Act in 2015.

The law allows for the duplication of voting rights by sections that have been held for more than two years. It's just Paris after he has received intense talks and threats, without hampering Nissan's guiding decisions.

Ghosn has been working hard to strengthen their partnership as long as they are. maintaining the independence of each company. So, if the situation is changed, this structure may no longer exist. At the time of keeping up & # 39; alliances that address the major changes in a business; cars, such as cars and electric cars, the trio had to find a way to survive and work without your own leadership.

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