Union that produces Flair Airlines aircraft attendants to & # 39; giving strike information


Air freight employing a transporter low cost Flair Airlines is ready to go on Monday strike with pay and registration concerns.

The 139 flight attendants are represented by the Canadian Union of Public Workers, who have a 72-hour strike strike on Friday.

CUPE Local 4060 represents staff in Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna, Abbotsford and Hamilton.

The strike will end Monday at midnight.

Flair Airlines and the union were unable to reach agreements on salary, pensions and registration issues, CUPE said in a press release.

"In the last few weeks, this employer has stopped stopping him from the situation at salary and benefits of two kinds, which is basically unbalanced," said CUPE's representative, Gary Yee.

"Flair is involved in the division and opposition to a strategy aimed at carrying dance between staff to compete with passengers ultra-low. It is completely unfair to pay a group of flying attendants a 30 per cent smaller for doing the same thing as other flying attendants. "

In an email statement, Flair Airlines spokesman Iris Dias said that its airline and airline services have recently been paid wages that are 30 per cent higher than her competitors.

"We can not continue to pay this price, and we want every new flight service to start the same salary as our competitors," the statement is & # 39; reading.

"Our airports are at the heart of our organization, and we believe that our current offer offers good quality to our customers, flying attendants, and ensuring our business remains stable. "

Many flying attendants have contacted directors to say they continue to work long & # 39; In the strike, Dias said.

Flair Air problems are not expected to travel on Mondays, but the airline is a " recommends that travelers check their website for flight status updates.

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