Unions raise stress to prevent work from Canada Post employees


The leaders of the Union protest against a great challenge in terms of Opposition of a Liberal legislation that would put Canada Post employees back into work, which prompted to fight the government's actions in the US; court and on the streets.

Canadian Labor Congress (CLC) president Hassan Yussuff and president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) decided Mike Palecek's news conference on Parliament Hill today to confirm the government's decision and a & # 39; warns that members are moved to protest.

Palecek said that members fight for fairness of pay and work situations safer when employees work; carrying "hunger" famine.

The Ottawa area of ​​CUPW gave a press release saying members and "relationship" were taking place in the Environment Minister's electorate office, Catherine McKenna, to complain about the bill back to work.

Palecek said the bill is running against governmental government support for organized staff, and union members; fight back.

"All the options are on the board," he said.

A MP will continue to debate its & # 39; morning today has moved to stop the bill in the House of Commons. It is not yet clear when the same bill may be up for debate, but the Assembly is ready to sit on the weekend to consider any bill that the House of Commons may have clarify.

From the House of Commons in Ottawa 0:00

In 2011, the Conservative government preceded legislation back to work for Canadian Post employees who had subsequently been left for constitutional purposes.

Five years later, the Superior Court of the Ontario Justice opposed staff to mail, to find the legislation unhappy because it was a & # 39; breach of freedom of participation and sense of staff as promised under the Charter of Copyright and Freedom.

Methods & Different & # 39;

Ask why the Liberal legislation would not also be a? Breach of these constitutional rights, Labor Minister Patty Hajdu said Thursday that the Liberals have taken a "very different" way from the Conservative legislation. The previous government did not let go to # 39; Labor brokerage and made a precarious action that was harmful to the workplace, she said.

"We have taken every effort over a long time to help those parties come to an agreed agreement," she said.

Canada Post is the fifth week of strikes that move with thousands of united workers, not to signing they are still appearing in contract negotiations.

Hajdu said that these strikes adversely affect small businesses, people in rural and remote communities and Canada; Getting low income depends on checks to pay their bills.

Palecek, of CUPW, said that the government has uncertain the service breakdown, because there are strikes to turning and essential checks issued to older people and Canada's low income are still being delivered.

"We did not close the post office, but now the government is trying to close a consortium," he said.

Canada Post vehicles are sitting seated when the strike starts; move. (Carlos Osorio / Reuters)

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