United Airlines flight attendees grab a mystery scam


United Airlines have sent a memorandum to staff saying they are not afraid to attend flight attendees who are trying to cope with indoor operations for their own benefit.

The warning was given after an investigation by a group of suspected flight attendees that the company was suspected of submitting claims for more expensive and better air routes as a result of a downturn in the aircraft. T on kickbacks, using word with code like "hugs", "kisses" and "candy canes".

Normally the best routes for flight attenders travel long-term journeys, and the standardized routines with most US air routes are attempting to enter these routes, t and key workers awarded for the best trips.

United Airlines have reported that there is a greater problem for flight passengers to sell and sell, and speak in a language code for communication and detection.

While United allows visitors to trade routes with other attendees for unforeseen events, there is an impediment to selling intended flights and the airline airlines. The Association of Air-Attendants (AFA), a unified group on criticism. .

"What we are dealing with is the ever increasing problem of choosing, selling or selling a couple for mercury, buying, or selling to another flight attendant, "P. Douglas McKeen, senior vice-president for working relations at United Airlines, wrote in a memorandum.

“When we find out that it is happening, we will investigate and take appropriate action, right up to and roll out.

"This is about fairness, direct and simple. The flight attendant should not be allowed to outperform its rights at a higher level when it comes to managing the schedule or schedule." had opportunities to fly.

In the course of the survey, the airline said it had researched social media sites and that codepers had discovered code words as part of the scam. They promised "canes candy", "hugs", "kisses" and "expressions of respect".

Warning flight attendees are charged with handling flight routes for profit. Photograph / James Lauritz, Getty Images
Warning flight attendees are charged with handling flight routes for profit. Photograph / James Lauritz, Getty Images

The AFA declared their “meregious” behavior and said that many members had raised concerns but did not complain to the leaders "because it is unionists".

"It is poignant to learn that those involved in this activity have chosen to choose their personal benefit to the benefit of our bigger share," said the AFA.

“We know that timetables are very important to flight attendees, and we are working closely with the AFA to ensure that our audience registration is fair for all," said the caller. a UK lecture by Skift.

United's review of the said scheme is continuing.

This is the second time this month that the airline has had to deal with staff abuse on the perk workforce.

The United Airlines skipped 35 workers expected to be involved in a broking scheme, where outbound travel, a company pack, was sold to the public for a single profit.

The company 's review of the abuse of gaps program started when there were no nine passengers traveling abroad who were unable to sell their tickets, as the number of passengers traveling overseas was unsuccessful. The Chicago Tribune.

The passengers had bought tickets that allowed them to travel for a year for between $ 5150 to $ 5885 ($ US3500 to $ US4000) per person.

The troops stole the sale by telling the planes that the tickets are sent to friends or family members.

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