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The most important thing is to find out what has happened.

However, in an unusual way after a plane crash, there seems to be a lot of controversy about what's going to add to it; her case.

Not every plane accident detects just a sign of what may be caused to them.

In this case, however, the Exchange Changes Changing System has been focused immediately; plane.

This is activated automatically when the airplane computers think that the area known as an Area of ​​Invasion is too narrow.

In fact, the system reduces the plane's nose.

Indonesian researchers say that the system could provide false information on a Lion Air polygom, which leads to a deadly stall.

In an amazing development, however, polls at Southwest and American Airlines said they did not think that this system could be done.

They said that Boeing was not clear in her handbooks or her training.

I sent a message to Boeing for asking her ideas and I'll update it, if I heard it.

Southwest, for example, 280 were ordained. Order of America 100.

Surely, the newest of the plane must be safer.

But Capt said. Dennis Tajer, a American Airlines pilot who is also a spokesman spokesperson – The Allied Pilots Association – to NPR:

It will shake your dependent's trust. Why have not we been told about this?

Certainly, however, it seems that United Airlines pilots are thinking about it; this attitude happily.

The story is not here why we did not know about it [the new system], this is the reason why the pilot pilots failed.

He said that Lion's pilots should have to deal with his & # 39; immediate risk and took full control to prevent diving. He said:

There is plenty of feedback on how this airplane can be heard, more than enough input and access.

Tajé was holding his opposite view. He told Seattle Times:

American Airlines are the pilots, and I'm also confident at Southwest Airlines, trying to get everything on all their air systems to make sure our passengers are safe all the time , whether they are in normal jobs or through emergency procedures.

This is, for most people, the only important point.

When you get an airplane, you want to believe it's safe to fly and the pilots know what to do in each situation.

Pilots are trained to prevent risks and find out how to respond.

In Insler's vision, the work is very simple:

If the plane does not do what I want to do, I do that. If it does not respond, I do it to & # 39; answer.

What travelers want, however, is a response from the airlines that fly to something like the Lion accident Against again.

Seeing pallets of key companies does not agree in the # 39; public and inspire confidence.

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