United States: Find a man who had no cancer after 5 years of Colorado chemotherapy James Salza Illness Vasculitis World


In the United States, Colorado, James Salaz, a citizen in the Monrose area, says he had spent five years of severe and severe chemotherapy to be cured from cancer he had ever escaped, but The sequelae of the medicine that followed his health.

In an interview for NBC, he said to five years ago he went to the doctor to investigate himself for a dispute under his summit. Choon Kee Lee's family doctor, after analyzing the biopsy's findings, said that Langerhans's cell histiocytosis (HCL), a disease that comes from the bone marrow and is made larger by different insects of the human body.

"My doctor told me that I was the only one in the home of that illness," he said. James Salaz in an interview for the international series. He also made sure his desire to continue to be promptly promoted to & # 39; treatments without a number of chemotherapy.

Everything in a "consistent" way was a cure when his doctor was refused in 2017 and Salaz decided to go to another hospital. However, the current doctor reported he had no cancer, but another disease.

James Salaz learned that he was in fact vasculitis, which is made by a lantern of blood vessels. "If we had dealt with five years ago, it would be right," the doctor told the patient.

It was difficult for an American patient to understand that he had never had cancer and as a result of the intense chemotherapy He created other diseases such as pancreatitis, that is why he was twice in hospital in emergency.

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