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A couple of newly-married couple in the 30th year who discover they have cancer just months apart

A couple in their 30s have told us how it was diagnosed with cancer in just a few months apart.

Michelle Murdock, 39, and her husband Brian, 39, from Chicago, Illinois, USA, suffered from cancer in 2015 and received a hard course with chemicals combined.

It was recognized that at the beginning of the year a blood cancer lymphoma, a blood cancer lung, was diagnosed by Michelle in November 2015.

The couple, who have two children, aged eight and five, had just been celebrating Brian's cure when Michelle found a bump in the chest that she was wearing.

Two months later, Michelle, a credit manager, got a double mastectomy.

Michelle and Brian, with their children Madison and Logan, were diagnosed with cancer in 2015

As the culmination of the intensive chemotherapy course came to an end, Brian returned in September 2016.

The two men, who would travel together for their local cancer treatment unit, said the current crisis had made them better.

Michelle said: "In a way, Brian's dental study prepared for me. When he was ill, I asked God not to take Dad's dad."

“When I found out I was trying to push and push minds.

“Having been shown to have a double-sided mastectomy and surgery for removing cars from my stomach for doing natural bricks. "

“In May I started questioning and got eight rounds there. It was in the middle of my raiding that Brian returned again. "

It was recognized that the blood cancer of the neo-Hodgkin was started by the beginning of 2015. t

What was the neo-Hodgkin lymphoma?

  • A non-Hodgkin lymphoma starts in white blood cells called lymphocytes, which are part of the body's defense system.
  • Adult NHL is usually affected by adults, but children can also get it
  • It usually starts in lymph symptoms or other lymph tissues, but sometimes it affects your skin.


Brian said: "When you are told you have cancer, you think immediately, 'What are we going to do?' worst.

“At that time my profile was very good but when it was confirmed that Michelle was terrified.

"He kicked me in my throat. I knew we needed to be very strong for our children. T

“When I was born again I felt we were now in old hands here.

"We were fighting for cancer for more than a year at that time and when I was told he was back, I was not confused, but I had nothing to fight."

The couple were open with their children about their illnesses but made a point about the word & loudness; avoiding fear that the proposals were scared.

Brian and Michelle were brought up when they were going

Michelle said: "You're worried about what you tell the children. We explained that Daddy and Mommy were sick and that they were taking medicine to get better."

Michelle commented that employers were very supportive and helped them through a difficult financial period.

The mother of both is now free of cancer and Brian completed his last treatment in October.

The parents are now looking to life with a new vision.

Michelle said: "As a couple, trying to get out because it 's the way to come can come. It's a very short life and you only have the moment.

Brian said: "Before I got ill, I was very diligent about work. Now my family is my priority."

The couple, who are with Madison's daughter, say that struggling for the disease at the same time is made more obscure t

“I am still working very hard, but if I had a chance to spend a Saturday working and getting on with the children, the children will be getting every time. "

The couple renewed a voyage of marriage twice, marking the events with services in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Oahu, Hawaii.

Michelle said: "It was important that we do that because after what we've been going through, we really appreciate each other.

“When you go through cancer you don't understand how strong your partner is. Brian always gives us a start and keeps us strong. ”

Brian said: "My wife is amazing. She cared for all. She was a rockman for our family. She ensured that they would care for the children. She's just an amazing woman."

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