A five-part series of legacy work – Jed Mercurio working on it TV and radio

YBackwards, sit upright. And everyone listened to the ears. This is a list of the things you need to understand series five of the Duty Line, which has returned to our screens after waiting two years with a fever.

1. OCG stands for an organized crime group (or group, depending on how formal you wish) to be.

2. UCO stands for a warming officer.

3. AC-12, as it always was, mentions the recent figures of DS Steve Arnott (Martin Compston), recently raised as DI Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) and Supt Ted Hastings. Who protects the defenders? These people.

4. Kate used to be a UCO.

5. The final series, PC Maneet Bindra (Maya Sondhi), came to be an unwilling supporter to ACC Derek Hilton, a former proprietor of serious police crime before he killed himself. in the last event.

6. Martin Compston is a Scot. You don't need to know this, I just want to remind people from time to time that he not only does the same performance work as the rest of the team, but he does it the natural accent. Linguistically, he does everything back and in heels – the Ginger Rogers of AC-12.

7. Warning 15, as you will be sure from his predecessor as a DS (undeserved) recordings, was DI Matthew Cottan (most deserving), DCI Roz Huntley (most well-known) and Supt Hastings (full details). I am getting started, but have since, since SMI started in 2012, been available in part three of the Police (Police) Regulations and will advise the officer that suspected malpractice or poor behavior is suspected. transport carried out and investigated. professional standards division – and also if Steve is joined by Ted Ted Ted will be delighted.

8. New case AC-12 is called ED905.

And what is the issue ED905. It begins with an ambush, which we saw enough in Jed Mercurio's magnum opus murky opus. This time the value of heroin of £ 100m is being transferred from the police museum to a burner. He leaves three police officers dead and another man injured but he puts the wife at the balaclava-ed group. It's really cool, totally impermeable and just being trafficked. The two years we have waited for AC-12 to be re-instated seems to be the minimum required for preparation for the attack.

Soon we are deep in the plot. Steve and Kate are conducting experimental sampling because the UCO has nested in the group that will be part of an ongoing, high-awareness campaign. But they continue to apply it as the terriers against corruption and eventually found that the UCO has not been heard for months. “WTF! The UCO went away? FNL, ”Ted doesn't say clearly when they tell him, though he mimics briefly and doesn't get rid of yourself altogether. , PDQ.

The information on the emerging drug route was published by a cousin of Maneet. The professional life of Maneet is emerging from there and quickly comes as one of the main themes of Line of Duty as its fundamental theme: the small triumphs and the decisions that make up. the last raid you made, and your last command of the place where we did not go.

Dealing between the organizations that sell the drugs and the same buyer is making matters worse. The first program finishes with jolt and the two-jolt, and not all has an impact on understanding that it is the move to on from moving from t doing Mercurio's ongoing masterwork.

Under the weather, the P. We see Steve at home, he's still suffering from the wound that he found the last series. He gets pillars – is he caught? Ted gets a break, living in a hotel and late with his rent. What fractures can people tell of their evil ways?

As usual, nothing is destroyed; not vision, not line, and not a beat. For each information gathered by the team and the audience, another version reveals 100 hidden capabilities. It connects tastyly – you might think Mercurio sits as a watchman at the table with the pieces spread for him, and puts the loupe into the eye before he puts the object to all listening and listening for his regulated ticket. Good times are waiting. OMG.

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