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Babies preparing Gene: Calling to end humanitarian change research

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Leading scientists have called for research to be done on "re-engineering the human species" for the next five years.

Two babies were born last year in China which was genetically modified to protect against HIV.

The scientists, who were writing in the journal Nature, said the need for a major swift audience to be put in front of that research.

The US National Institute of Health said a ban should be introduced straight away, but others have criticized the idea. T

How will you re-engineer the human species?

All this means that scientists can handle DNA.

Our DNA includes the instructions for lifting and running the human body including features such as height, hair color and disease of disease.

A new comparative tool called CRISPR has allowed DNA scientists to convert quickly and cheaply, resulting in the eruption of generator technology.

They have the ability to be used for “re-engineering” by damaging DNA in a DNA that causes disease or even to develop body tissues.

  • Human generators developed to prevent disease

What happened in China?

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Professor He Jiankui created the first babies to be prepared by gene.

In November last year, Professor He Jiankui appointed the birth of two girls called Lulu and Nana.

But what they did was different from any other child that their DNA was spun in an laboratory.

Genetic editing devices have been used to protect them against HIV with, effectively, changing the locks on the HIV system used to protect our cells.

He made the news in a video saying: "I understand that my work will be controversial – but I believe families need this technology and I am happy to say for them."

He made this money himself, over his own time and against Chinese rules.

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  • Jiankui defends the world's first female babies.

Why are children in controversial gene preparation?

Being full of breeding means that they are not sure, but the effects are permanent.

Any changes are taken down through the generations, giving a lasting change for humans.

But the science is so new and you don't know if it was safe, and possible alterations to simple parts of human DNA may have an unexpected impact.

Professor changes the gene in CCR5 in pairs to protect against HIV, but this genealogy also has a role in counteracting the flu and flu. may be useful.

The science has also made great progress before the public debate about what is suitable – is it okay to adjust breeding to stop a child growing up with a killer disease? What about "improvements" that have no medical gain?

What do the researchers want?

They say that genetics have "impacts on the whole species" and that individual scientists cannot make decisions about the practice.

And that it was up to the world to decide whether a gene ban should be completely switched on, used exclusively or even for adoption in a wider human development.

For now, they want a global moratorium (temporary ban) to use genes for sperm, eggs and embryos that would be used to create a baby.

They request that this ban lasts for five years.

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It would not affect the use of genetic editing for research or for the use of genital preparations in adults when no changes could be made to subsequent generations.

Then, they argue that it is up to individual countries to make decisions "with due respect for the views of humanity".

They say:

  • no intention should be given to two years' intention that babies prepared by gene should be created
  • it must be scientifically justified, technically, reasonably and morally
  • and there needs to be a broad consensus in the country to take forward

The 18 researchers who asked for the moratorium include some of the main figures in the field including Feng Zhang and Emmanuelle Charpentier, whose main features have been the foremost. producing the gene statements for human cells.

Does everyone agree?


Dr Francis Collins, director of the US National Institute for Health, said a moratorium should "be applied immediately" in view of "an unwarranted and uncertain investigation in China".

He said: "Research has the potential to change the biological meaning of humanity by promoting global safety, ethical, and philosophical issues."

Dr Helen O'Neill, program director for Reproductive Science and Women's Health at London University College, said the world-wide ban has already been banned.

She said: "At the moment, (as in China) legal and ethical measures in the world that govern the use of games and injuries.

"Will we not forget that Jiankui broke many rules… he didn't do this because the law gave them the right."

“The designation of a“ moratorium ”adversely affects the potential for microbial genital preparations. "

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