Brexit: Leo Varadkar joins the UK saying future trade contracts t

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Leo Varadkar reaches a special EU summit on Brexit in Brussels

An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, has suggested that the UK could be included in trade contracts if it is creating a reciprocal union with the EU.

The trade union is a main focus of Brexit conversations between Labor and the Conservatives.

It is a permanent Labor Union policy to establish the EU.

Many Conservatives oppose the idea that the UK would be in control of EU trade agreements without a mistake.

However, the Taoiseach suggested that the EU could prepare sui generis & # 39; developed a model for the UK, and said the proposal was "a real proposal" to leave the UK united with EU practices after Brexit.

“I think the UK in union practices means we can get the best contracts for all of us,” he said.

“If the UK were to decide to stay in a customs union, it would be possible for us to do some sui generis & # 39; developed to have a voice in relation to future trade contracts and the potential for equity of employees' rights and environmental rights. "

Mr Varadkar was speaking in Brussels ahead of the European summit.

Leaders plan to avoid the UK's bid for a further extension, to prevent Brexit not taking place since Friday.

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Leo Varadkar and Irish minister Helen McEntee at the EU Council summit

Mr Varadkar added that he did not want the EU to be providing an "on-going expansion and that the proposal causes to continue".

What is a union of practices?

Countries in customs union agree not to charge costs – something called taxes – or routine checking of each other's products.

The rules also mean that any products coming in from the rest of the world pay the same cost – no matter where the union of first uses is made. .

This is a common general election.

EU union union includes the 28 EU member states as well as Monaco.

European Union practice agreements with non-EU members are also present: Turkey, Andorra and San Marino.

However, under the rules of unity of practice (of the European Union), members cannot negotiate an independent trade agreement with the countries of the world.

Instead, only free trade contracts (ie reducing or canceling agreements between countries) can be negotiated with the EU as a whole.

What is Labor Plan?

He would see the UK linking up with permanent EU practice after Brexit, and has the power to comment in future EU trade negotiations.

The idea was that such a UK-wide debate would be removed by Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary.

He has declared the Labor position "in an unprecedented legal and political style, of what is actually called unicorn."

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