Brexit News: Owen Jones closed on BBC Newsnight with his first UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe UK News

Now an independent MP, Steven Woolfe fought against Mr Jones as he defended the immigration policy that was put forward with the newly-registered Brexit Party. Mr Woolfe will join the UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, left today that he could run for the leadership of the new party. In a dispute between the two, Mr Jones opposed his / her party of "migration migration" while He also named his party as a chariot for their establishment.

In response, Mr Woolfe said: "It's not the vehicle to set it up, it will attack the center that wants us to stay in the European Union.

"And I'm sick to die with xenophobic and an immigrant policy that helped me by writing by Nigel Farage.

"We made it clear that we are not against immigration.

"We look for regulatory migration policies and we want equal immigration policies."

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Mr Woolfe also said that he had a policy; party to "deal with" all the same regardless of their country ".

In his final case with the political activist, Mr Woolfe concluded that he would not give more criticism for his / her. party to be out of mind.

Brexit's new Party Party was officially recognized by his & her; Election Commission yesterday after being registered with the member of the UKIP, Catherine Blaiklock.

Ms. Blaiklock recently said: "Such a resolution has not been made by this Conservative government.

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"This is a resurgence. Thousands of people who leave the Conservatives will vote for us if the election of the European Parliament comes."

Recently, Mr Farage introduced, if Brexit was delayed, had to run in the European elections.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the new party can welcome a wave of Tory dealers.

In a copy of the constitution of a party, it clearly says that it is set up to appeal to the Conservatives who are not protected.

With Theresa May hard to try to & # 39; to protect her Brexit case, the new party could be a big risk if she agrees with Brexit softly.

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