Brexit: Thousands of UK financial works are protected after the EU's regulator recognizes London's cleaning homes

An important part of the Town of London which supports ten thousands of jobs has been preserved from the worst Brexit effects on cliffs after European leaders have identified cleaning homes, which & # 39; trillions value process of pounds of items annually.

The three clean cleaning houses in London, LCH, ICE Clear Europe and LME Clear, are recognized by the European Security and Markets Authority (Esma), only 39 days before leaving the UK in the EU – with a contract or without.

The process of the three companies that deals with goods, security and sub-bridges and its products. Supports the leadership of London in the European cleaning industry.

Paris, Frankfurt and other European financial institutions have been hoping to take a great deal of this valuable business from London after Brexit. But Esma said he would recognize London's cleaning homes "would constrain the risk of breaking out in centralization and detrimentally affecting EU financial sustainability."

A London Stock Exchange report in 2016 found that up to 83,000 jobs related to losing losses in the worst Brexit situation.

The European Commission put forward proposals in 2017 to make a deeper study of how to do; cleaning houses with EU and Esma banks, and in some cases they will add larger groups to move to jobs to block them.

However, the movement of the euro movement would be quite expensive and complex that the experts would expect to be more expensive and that the financial system was as safe.

Household cleaning is an essential part of the "plumbing" of the financial system. They are the media between merchants and derivatives – financial agreements linked to the basic value of the department, index, money or band.

Purchasers and retailers will deal with the cleaning home apart from each other, and including loss if one party is paid.

This helps to & # 39; preventing the loss of domino loss to be transmitted through the financial system when one company is in a position; left.

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