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Britain's top 20 sails show off – but what do you like best? | Ents & Arts News

Fawlty Towers has been named as the biggest British sitcom ever, touching on things like Father Ted, Blackadder and Peep Show.

A list of the top 20 British sitcoms has been compiled by a panel of television experts.

The TV actors got credit for John Cleese's performance as Basil Fawlty, the proprietor of the sub-parish Torquay, for the success of the successful exhibition.

David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst and Lennard Pearce as Del Boy, Rodney and Grandad in one Fools and Horses only
Sixth-place was Fools And Horses

Speaking to the Radio Times, which commissioned the list, co-writer and singer Connie Booth, said: "Come with Fawlty Towers, I think, because it gives someone a chance t One day an attack in a company in English that is on his back.

"It's special to be in a park, with every surprise and everything needing style.

The Peep Show came in the 13th century
The Peep Show came in the 13th century

"And it doesn't ruin the star of the show is a real comic six-five-comic comic.

"If it is shorter I can't imagine how it would work."

Cleese said: "I was very lucky to be working with the BBC when decisions were made by people who had made programs.

Absolutely Fabulous for film
Absolutely Fabulous was a ninth year

"What a cast will be! I am proud to be there with Porridge and Only Fools and Ab Fab and Blackadder and The Office and Reggie Perrin and The Thick of It."

The BBC series has only successfully completed a series of six programs in the 1970s.

The Channel 4 Father Ted competition, written by Arthur Mathews and Graham Linehan, was greeted with the BBC's blow and came second.

Blackadder came fourth

Third and fourth place was held by Alan Partridge and Blackadder.

Only Fools and Horses and the Office came in 6th and 12th places.

The list was selected by 42 comedy experts – including Richard Curtis, Barry Cryer and Alison Graham.

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