Bryce Harper and Manny Machado: why MLB's two of the best players do not have teams! Sport

IThere's only one week to cakers and they will start a starter statement for Spring Training and still there are two of the biggest stars at baseball; live without teams. Bryce Harper, all of his position by the Washington Nationals, and Manny Machado, has ultimately played for Los Angeles Dodgers, which affects the biggest 26th anniversary experts. ; age – and still they still have; struggling to get Jobs. How did this happen directly and what could be for the league to continue?

Harper and Machado have real value for long-term contracts?

There is. At times, Harper has competed with Mike Trout Los Angeles Angels as the best player in the game. He was the Rookie of the Year of the Scottish League in 2012 and led the league in the home to run in 2015, when he won the MVP National League at 23, youngest ever won the prize unanimously. He is a Star for sixteen and has been abolished in Washington by winning Home Run Derby at last year's National National Park. Machado is, though he is not completely the Harper player, a four-time All-Star winner and two-hour Glove Gold, a life .282 who has affected 175 home at the top paragraphs.

Are there any reasons that are quick to sign up with both of them?

Well, Machado's reputation is among fans as a dumb player. It has been part of a number of mountain brashes, especially in play last year after giving your Jesús Aguilar a solid slide at Milwaukee Brewers. Before that, when he was with the Baltimore Orioles, he got into corporate corporate with the Kansas City Royals button, Yordano Ventura, which followed to hang four games.

Harper has also been tight minutes, including being part of a fight with her; Hunter Strickland button in the League League League 2017 Series. That year, he spent time on the DL with a bone break, which could be a banner for some teams, although it is has been a very sustainable MLB player. It is not a sense that one of those factors should be a & # 39; affecting his mental health, especially with the talent that is undoubtedly.

So why does not anyone have a record?

Nobody wants to spend money. No, badly, that is the reason. Major League Baseball is still a very successful campaign: the league has included $ 10.3bn last year, and most of its teams live well in black. Unfortunately, MLB's salary gap is not just a flexible tax, so money to be voluntary for large-name agents should not be a problem. As long as the expensive taxes are & # 39; However, the World Series, Boston Red Sox and the Nationals concert were only over $ 197m last year, and Harper should not be re-registrated. This problem was cleared to the Nationals this year.

As Scott Boras's genuinely suited to reality, there are a number of clubs that seem to not even try to put forward competitive teams (we're watching Miami Marlins). The rest of them have been in & # 39; Cost the regiment to complete their collections by going to & # 39; record players on bargain contracts. As Michael Baumann Ringer celebrates, it is becoming increasingly difficult for large-scale market teams to be able to; Sellers sell their opinion that "pay flexibility" is a prevent them from offering large contracts for free agents, especially for such a Harper.

Are there any other quality players in the same boat as well as Harper and Machado?

Sure. Starting with pitchers Dallas Keuchel (finally with the Houston Astros) and Gio Gonzalez (finally by the Brewers), Craig Kimbrel closer (finally with Boston Red Sox), the third Mike Moustakas (finally by the Brewers), which was Marwin Gonzalez (finally by the Astros), the outdoor outdoors Adam Jones (finally by the Orioles), among others, everything is still defined.

It is a rare decision to stop all crew members; spend money at the same time …

Is not that there? It is difficult not to attack Ocam & Razor here and its & # 39; assume that the type of formal agreement between clubs to keep salaries is low. The longest time this competition has gone on, the more analyzes have begun to output their output; opportunity. The idea is even to come out of the bills of current and past players. Yankees journalist Alex Rodriguez has built on the subject, saying, "salaries have remained stable for almost 20 years … It's just interesting what's happening, and the owners who do a wonderful job work closely together, clearly, and keep those salaries down. "

Is it like?

Well, as Marc Normandin has recently announced for Deadspin, it's not quite sure when you show the history of the league. Despite that, even if so, as our president prefers to be able to; Retaining sometimes, "NO COLLUSION" is going on here, sure it looks like and that's not good for the league.

Where is Machado and Harper coming to an end?

At this time, your opinion is as good as anyone. The Philadelphia Phillies, among others, are reporting in talks with Harper. Joel Sherman New York Post recently announced that Machado could take one-year contract and hope this year's competition is not so difficult for free dealers. It is not uncertain that Machado and Harper will still be announced by the beginning of Spring Training Games and, if that happens, we are well in an unidentified location.

What does this mean for the future MLB?

When the detainee came Yasmani Grandal signed to one year contract / $ 18.25m with the Dodgers, Twitter Baseball collapsed with dark scenes about how everyone would go to, invaders strike strike inevitable. Here is one of the best ones that were; in a station member who would have to go to; sign a contract that was being heard immediately for the next contract. Even the players who have added the name of the proxy are free to address their & # 39; This competition has signed up to much lower contracts than those available for volunteer representatives just over recent years

As Normandin has been inactive, the flexible tax now operates as de facto salary spreads: MLB continues to continue; See profits rising and players start to & # 39; get less paid. If these trends are going on, the Base League Mòr Players Association will need to go to; push back. It is doubtful that owners will be able to submit a request, especially as they are aware that players are " Finds as much as it is blamed when players strike or lock up. The General Merchandise Agreement ends in 2021 and how that date is to be completed; coming closer to the lost season for the first time since the 1994-95 strike. So enjoy baseball as long as you can, fans.

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