Captain Marvel & # 39; to catch a fly in a new gorgeous poster

Marvel Studios has been experiencing a bit of trouble in her & # 39; The only movie that has the name of its company is in its title, but it seems that there are better promotional materials for Captain Marvel now coming. An Captain Marvel The Super Bowl search was a showcase of high octane action methods, and the later film film became a Marvel World-wide Moon film sooner.

Well, innovative Captain Marvel A poster is just debated by ODEON Cinemas – and the most interesting promo is still easy!

This poster will up Captain Marvel& # 39;s "Higher. Longer. Faster". Squirrels in the same way that Super Bowl did. In fact, the tagline is quite common when it is used in this context, when it refers to a powerful power; Captain Marvel as superheroine. Fortunately, Super Bowl's place put a lot of words to the words, as we can see Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) and the Air Force flag Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch) Use the phrase how we make sure they are; cock and his jets team – two women aiming to let the boys out in the biggest work with men.

It is told about truth, so small scenery is the only true sign of taste and a particular issue Captain Marvel and his sight of a woman on marvel superhero lore. There are many external audiences there who still do not know what is in this movie, or what is it? making this movie as a milestone in the MCU saga. So, although posters like the above one are looking forward, we hope the final marketing of the film will be harder to its distinctive differences.

Avengers: Infinity War Now available on home video. Upcoming films include Marvel Cinematic Universe tha Captain Marvel On 8 March, Avengers: Clan Finishing on April 26th, and Man Spider: Far from Home on 5 July.


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